Securing the future of food and agriculture through agroecology principles

Sustainable future via agroecology and restoration

Our Vision

Our vision is a world with an agrifood systems based on agroecology, food sovereignty, and sustainable land use that bolsters social and environmental justice.

Our Mission


The change we seek

To ensure that food and farming systems is sustainably aligned with the landscape restoration, biodiversity conservation, and adaptation agenda, while ensuring wholesome food production and alleviating rural poverty, aligned with sustainable development goals 1, 2, 13, and 15.


We are an organization dedicated to addressing the pressing issues of hunger, rural poverty, and the climate crisis by working at the intersection of agriculture, climate change, nature, and agrobiodiversity.

Who we are

We Are A Youth-Led NGO

YARN is a collective of youth-led CSOs, growers and activists from different parts of the world that are leveraging agroecology principles to promote the right to healthy food, protect soil health, and align agrifood systems with the landscape restoration, conservation and climate adaptation agenda of their government and the global goal of sustainable development. YARN started in 2018 as a group of concerned young individuals, but is now a network of 20 active members in different parts of the world. Our coalition is a spread of actors across several food issues – health, inequality and social justice, environmental justice and community resilience.

We work with local farmers and indigenous communities to address food sovereignty challenges, conserve indigenous seeds, while mobilizing meaningful actions and policy reform.

Our Services

What We Do


We believe that education and capacity building can influence the willingness of people to become agents of change. YARN facilitates the transfer of knowledge and best practices on regenerative agriculture to local farmers.


We are providing a platform that brings together farmers, city representatives, food researchers, and seed organizations to strengthen trust and reawaken the culture of working together and building lasting relationships.


We showcase stories of young people that are working to ensure food sovereignty and ecological restoration across Africa to show that the engagement of young people in the changemaking space can meaningfully be beyond activism.


In our committed effort to enhance the adoption of sustainable farming practices among farmers, we provide support and organize incentive -based programmes for local farmers.

Our Process

How We Work

Our organization partners with local farmers and indigenous communities to confront the issues of food sovereignty, preserve native seeds, and mobilize significant initiatives and policy changes.


Community Engagement and Empowerment

Our approach involves building relationships, empowering through workshops and training, and promoting indigenous practices to enhance food sovereignty with local farmers and indigenous communities.


Advocacy and Policy Reform

We conduct research, advocate for awareness, and collaborate with stakeholders to drive policy reforms that support sustainable food systems, protect indigenous seeds, and empower local farmers and indigenous communities.


Mobilizing Meaningful Actions

We organize initiatives, facilitate resource access, and create platforms for collaboration to promote sustainable farming, empower local farmers and indigenous communities, and foster knowledge sharing in the realm of food sovereignty.

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